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The project is originated from the idea of " Showing respect to Yayoi Kusama". The basic point is to explore the experience of Yayoi Kusama, the style of her creation, and to understand the her works. The artist herself has the following expression: "One day I watched the pattern on the red tablecloth and started to look around. Surprisingly I found out that from ceilings, windows, walls to all corners of the house, and finally to my body, the universe are all made up by this pattern. In the process of searching, I feel that I am being wiped out in the infinite time and absolute, the sense of space kept spinning, and I became small and insignificant." From her words,I felt as if everything around me slowly disappeared and melted together. According to some phenomena in my life, I have classified and created. The use of collages, pigments and composite materials gradually weakens the meaning of the things themselves and melts them together.

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