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Is there a way to experience and witness the growing fungi without actually growing it? This project will create an interactive visual experience of hyphae growing, creating intricate fungus patterns. 

The code utilizes the principles of interactive animation to simulate the growth of hyphae. As we move our mouse across the canvas, the code detects the position of our cursor. This interaction acts as the trigger for the growth of the hyphae. Each movement of the mouse initiates the growth algorithm. New hyphae segments are dynamically created, branching out from the previous segments based on predefined rules. The branching pattern of the hyphae is governed by parameters such as direction, length, and angle. These parameters are adjusted dynamically to create intricate, branching structures reminiscent of real fungal networks.

Materialization process, Employing laser cutting and engraving techniques on MDF and acrylics, I translated these patterns into uniquely textured surfaces. Through an interactive hyphae drawing experience, everyone can craft their own distinct hyphae patterns. Subsequently, this personalized design can be transformed into bespoke souvenirs and accessories through the fabrication process.

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